Miranda and Ryan Fall Portraits

Colors in the Northern New York are vibrant and some of the most fantastic locations around here in autumn make for incredible spots for sessions. Miranda and Ryan I have had the pleasure of doing a few sessions for throughout the years. The areas around Fort Drum, NY have perfect locations!

Now something more about these two. 🙂 Miranda and Ryan are such a perfect married couple. They have since this shoot, moved. They are missed terribly. I couldn’t do a session with them without laughing hysterically until tears rolled off my cheeks. They have this remarkable bond of love that is so hard to put onto paper. Miranda and Ryan, you both are missed terribly. You guys will always be among my favorite families to photograph. Watertown NY Fall Portraits

Watertown NY Fall Portraits

Watertown NY Fall Portraits

Watertown NY Fall Portraits

Greg and Krissy’s Wedding

An awesome day and wedding at the Edgewater Beach and Cabana Club, Sea Bright, NJ, now, where to start to tell!

Started out at 10 AM on May 18th 2015 from my house that I grew up in. It was a warm morning around 70* and a perfect day in NJ for the windows down and an iced coffee. It was a short 30 minute drive to the hotel where Kristina was getting ready. Had my gear in my van, and double checked for my battery charger! Ha! It’s pretty nifty! Was greeted by a beautiful face, Shannon *one of the bride’s maids*. Her hair was done brilliantly and her make up was almost complete. Inside the hotel room I saw Kristina and she was glowing. The chatter and cheer of the bridesmaids were so uplifting. So full of life. Capturing the getting ready images are a big deal to me. Every angle up for taking for creative images.

After covering the experience of them getting ready, I enjoyed the drive to Sea Bright, NJ to the venue called Edgewater Beach And Cabana Club. Gorgeous venue. The dining facility looked gorgeous, and sea shells lined as decor on the walls. Little details greeted me that represented the essence of the bride and groom to be. Absolutely adorable and well planned. I was absolutely amazed about how fantastic everyone looked and how well the day went. South Jersey Wedding Photography at its finest! Enjoy the small gallery of the day

To where we ponder, of who we have become

Fall Photography, Creative Autumn, Deeper Reflection
West Carthage Park, NY October 1st 2014. Fall Photography

October 1, 2014
West Carthage, NY

My husband and I were on the way at 06:50 to his shoulder surgery. The fog was so dense and I decided to stop for some fresh air, gather up thoughts, and write my vision into the camera.

We often try to seek the totally pure and perfect assembly of colors in things. There is no harm in that in fact it is delightful to arrive at your destination in your daily life with an array of hues. But we often neglect what messages are beyond the fog. What messages are of the fog. That many of us can’t quite grasp the fact that fog, in itself, may not be the most radiant, and quite often hazardous driving conditions, but what of the fog that are in our minds. What of this fog that distorts our deeper reflections. Can we just stop trying to look beyond the fog and just gain the wisdom of knowing which path we are taking and observe the finer details outside of the box. Wisdom. Truth. Take this photo for an example. What many may see? Unpleasant and unsettling atmosphere that is quite possibly dampening our thoughts and paths. So why don’t you stop and close your eyes. What do you feel? The cement you are standing on is sturdy. You are breathing. Keeping afloat. The breeze is of this cool yet calm rarity but you are left of what is still. Silent. Calm. Is their rain? no. But what is it that you can gather from this? Colors, yet may be dull, illuminate the sides… you are not threatened, you have nothing to fear. You now know that if you got in the boat, and the closer you got to what is distant, you know, that colors are there. But let that fog be less of the negative thought and more of what motivates you to see more than what your eyes are showing you. You just may be looking at what you may think is dull and lifeless colors, interpreted wrong, standing in the moments of truth. The vibrancy speaks for itself.

Be blessed. Continue acknowledging more than what you may initially desire and get rid of that eagerness to always have to see the perfect sunsets in your life. And just be left with wisdom.

I am absolutely honored to have been with the Hammers through major events in their lives. I was blessed to see Darren coming home in a return from deployment at Fort Drum.  Watching Anjelika and Darren reunite was remarkable.

Their bond is beyond words and their love is undeniably abundant. I had the blessing of being asked to capture their Wedding, so we went to Westcott Beach, NY for fun and fantastic Engagement Photos. They are so goofy and vibrant so it made my creative perspectives easy to come by.

So then wedding day came. It is amazing just how beautiful Boldt Castle is for weddings. It is surrounded by water and on a historical mansion. Anjelika looked stunning and Darren couldn’t be happier. Wonderful couple they both are!

You could feel their emotions and the energy of the day was brilliant. Now they are in Hawaii and I miss them so much. Good luck to you both, and be safe. Link to video! http://youtu.be/04WBGjiYbPo or http://www.kpexpressionsphotography.com/hammer-journey.html

Fall in August for Upstate, NY!

While walking in this breezy and cool morning  on Fort Drum in August, I decided to take a few pictures of what was changing.  Our lives are filled with changes and we need to learn to take the good with the bad. August, however, is not usual for me to see fall colors in the leaves this early.  These trees were changing colors as early as 2 weeks ago. I am from New Jersey were the leaves don’t really change until October. It normally is not this way for the Thousand Islands region, either.  My front yard is still trying to hold on to spring and summer, however the colors are magnificent in the leaves.  I plan on doing a few projects to make the best of this early fall! Fall Photography Upstate NY

Fantastic fall colors but so soon!
Fantastic fall colors but so soon!
Gorgeous colors starting to poke through the tree's leaves.
Gorgeous colors starting to poke through the tree’s leaves.
Eeyore ornaments still showcasing summer!
Eeyore ornaments still showcasing summer!

Looking forward to the stunning colors that are coming in the next few weeks! A trip to Lake Placid, I say!



Ready for the fall in Fort Drum

Getting ready for the fall around fort drum! I am a bit of a NFL fan.. .Giants. Wait…NO don’t shut down the blog yet. I can not help the fact that other teams’ fans are jealous of the Giants!! Nooo.. no seriously, don’t close it! hah. Today has been a great day as well.  Brainstorming for the shoot I have later for Simple Diversions while listening to Creativelive in the back ground. The rain smells wonderful. Sometimes, the smell after the rain is so intoxicating! My Daughter is on abcmouse.com and starfall.com on another lap top.  Listening to her humming along to the songs just makes my heart swell. Well, this summer has been fantastic and I am super excited about the fall. Did you do something for yourself this month? What did you do? I bought a tea light holder for the living room. Going to have it as a centerpiece for a collage of pictures.

Today I am finishing up a few sessions of mine and very happy to showcase some of my second shoot for Rasslor Sunglasses.  I wanted to tell you how I formulated the awesome business relationship with Drew from Rasslor.co!  I was looking at Etsy and saw his line of sunglasses. I thought, super fun! And then the creative juices flowed. I thought “I had to contact him!” Well, that is what lead to these stunning models having a great time with the glasses.  I bet you are tempted to get a few pairs! They are super fun! I have had a blast taking pictures for the ads!  I mean, take a look! They are so cool!! (Top two- Models: Cody James Bowman. Middle- Jordan Lightner.  Bottom- Kristyn Potter) Fort Drum NY fall photography

Watertown NY Photographer Rasslor Sun glasses resizeRasslor Sun Glasses Cody Bowman Watertown NY

Rasslor Sunglasses Jordan Lighterlogo Rasslor Sunglasses Kristyn Potter resize


Rebranding and stepping out!

K.P. Expressions Photography Logo and RebrandSo I need to make more noise for my business. I mean, come on, who wouldn’t want to take a business seriously if they sit there and not show their colors. Right? When you got it flaunt it! So, I changed up my cover picture for my website and added in a new flare watermark option for images. No more boring, and lifeless watermarks and logos… I want to introduce me! Well here we go! 🙂


I created the border and added in the end flairs. I am a big flower photographer so I wanted something that looked like a flower but wasn’t one. I was an art major before I got into photography, so I enjoyed drawing like that with different tones.